Concept To Quality Custom-Made Designs With Cutfoam

Your big ideas become reality

Cutfoam takes your concepts through to completion

Our foam isn’t just for mattresses and soundproofing. Here at Cutfoam we think BIG. If you have a big idea and need a team of people to make it happen – we can help.

Bounce is an Australian company started by visionary husband and wife team Andy and Paula Hannagan 10 years ago. They saw the need for a natural, nutritious and tasty snack to help people to achieve their full potential and get the most out of their day – rather than reaching for high-sugar snacks and caffeine – and they made it happen.

When they wanted to make a statement at a trade show – they turned to Cutfoam.

The Cutfoam Method

The original concept. Brief: to create a custom-made foam design.

Starting to take shape. The manufacturing team cut the foam to size.

Our skilled design team finish the unique product

Bounce stole the show at their trade show and you could do the same. We can turn the ideas in your head into tangible objects. and help your business stand out in a crowd. Any shape. Any size. Any Pantone. Any time. Contact Cutfoam to a make it happen.


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